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Exercise Test

Pada kali ini saya akan membahas tentang Treadmill Test dan Ergometer Test sebagai salah satu Exercise test yang dilakukan oleh pasien di Medical Cek Up. Test ini dilakukan oleh dokter atau perawat guna mengetahui kemampuan pasien pada umumnya dan jantung pasien pada khususnya yang pengaplikasiannya bisa disamakan dengan keadaan pasien waktu melakukan olahraga atau suatu kegiatan yang menyita tenaga yang lebih.
Pada Exercise Test ini ada beberapa protocol yang bisa dipilih, dan protocol tersebut terbagi menjadi 3 yaitu :
- Pretest
- Exercise
- Recovery

Treadmill Test

This test is designed to evaluate your reaction to exercise, specifically bronchospasm (asthma). This test is performed on a treadmill with progressively increasing speed and elevation.
The purpose of this test is to determine how your heart responds to stress and evaluate your cardiovascular status. You will be asked to exercise on a treadmill until you reach a "target" heart rate based on your age. During the treadmill, you will be continuously monitored for blood pressure, heart rate, rhythm and ECG changes. The exercise portion of the test usually lasts for 6 to 15 minutes. You should allow about an hour for the entire test, which includes preparation, the exercise portion, and the recovery period.

Biasanya pasien dianjurkan untuk melakukan puasa beberapa jam sebelum melakukan test, pada treadmill test ini keadaan jantung akan dipantau oleh ECG probe yang dipasangkan pada badan dan tekanan darah NIBP.
Test ini selalu didampingi oleh dokter dan perawat guna memeriksa kemampuan paru-paru, jantung dan respon stress pasien. Pada masalah yang serius akan tampak arrythmia dari pasien pada ECG line dan tekanan darah yang abnormal.

Some Protocol in Treadmill test are :
- Other protocol

Ergometer Test

This procedure is designed to evaluate your lung function, heart function and general conditioning during a period of incrementally increasing exercise. We typically perform this test on a bicycle.

Some Protocol in Ergometer Test are :
- WHO50
- WHO75
- Other protocol

Performing the test

  1. You will be breathing on a mouthpiece during the test with nose clips in place.
  2. Your oxygen level will be monitored throughout the test with an oximeter clip on your finger or ear.
  3. Your heart response will be monitored with a series of EKG patches placed on your chest for a continuous monitoring of your heart.
  4. Depending on your physicians order, we may place an arterial catheter in the radial artery (pulse site on your wrist).
  5. Depending on your data, we may perform the test with supplemental oxygen.
  6. The technologist will instruct, coach and encourage you with specific instruction throughout the test.
  7. Also, a physician or exercise specialist will be present to monitor you throughout the test.

This test is scheduled for two and a half hours due to the preparation process. Actual time of the test varies from patient to patient, but you generally will be on the bicycle for 10 to 15 minutes total time.

Hasil selama Treadmill dan Ergometer Test akan direkam oleh software dan hasilnya akan diprint berupa EKG result dan conclusion result dari dokter yang memeriksa.

Arrhythmia : Any deviation from the normal rhythm or pattern of the heartbeat. Arrhythmias can occur in a healthy heart and be of minimal consequence. If you feel your heart beating differently than normal, you should have it checked by a doctor, though, as it could be an indication of a serious cardiac problem

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