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Infant Warmer Model

Infant Warmer designed specifically for use in NICU's. The unit is a radiant warmer which utilizes a highly efficient fine ceramics infrared heater as radiant heat. Infrared rays emitted from its heating system will not only the infant's skin surface but also penetrate deeply into his body, thus warming the internal tissues.

Where in the servo control mode emits radiant heat which will offset baby's heat loss, thereby providing an optimum thermal environment for him. The large size digital LED indicator provides at convenient means of monitoring the baby's body temperature at a glance. The IC inverter lamps provided will shed a non-flicker,bright light over the mattress platform.

If the Infant Warmer go into an alarm condition, always locate its cause and take corrective action, if estimated cause of the alarm condition is mechanical, the unit may be in need of repairing.

Alarm on infant warmer ussually in :
- Flash Lamp LED
- Audible alarm

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