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Division of Medical Imaging remains the  focus of business development of the Company who consistently follow the direction of change and development of the market particularly in the medical device industry with a focus on providing Products X-Ray film and equipment FujiFilm Computed Radiography, X-Ray unit of Shimadzu and Hologic Insight Surgical Mini C-Arm to the needs of hospitals and clinics.

Hospital population growth and Clinic Laboratories  boost numbers  of medical  devices  demand to fuli  ll the needs of the new Hospital and Clinic Laboratories or the  hospital that need to renew their medical  devices,  has contributed to the Medical Imaging division to contribute a great sales number to the Company in 2010. Company and Division in particular take tactical steps to the strategy undertaken in the face of market  dynamics and tight competition, namely:

    Approach on various related organizations such as PDSRI  (Radiology Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia), PARI (Radiografer Association of Indonesia), ARSADA (Regional Hospital Association), PERSI (All-Indonesia Hospital Association), IMA (Indonesian Medical Association) and to participate actively in various activities held by the organization such as exhibitions,presentations, equipment  demo and others.
    Direct support to the Hospital and Clinical Laboratories in their activities like the product seminars, workshops, or activities that are related to the Company’s business scope or division.
    The application of Digital Advertising uses an internal website of the Company to provide updated information and products that are useful  for information seekers through the Internet media such as  product information, events, new products, health device solutions and other equipment.
    Direct approach to customers and prospective customers that need a medical equipment from the Company or Division by conducting on-site presentation and demo at every opportunity and appointed schedule, as well as building a continuous relationships to explore the right need for the potential customers and provide solutions for ef  ectiveness their operational performance.
    Approaching the consumer to provide product information, new products and medical equipment solutions through media-related industries such as medical equipment Hospital News & Pharma, Infomedia’s Hospital and Health Directory - Yellow Pages, Directory of PERSI, and other media-related.
    Conducting a joint collaboration with other medical partners in order to provide integrated solutions for  the customers and potential customers.

Teknisi Elektromedik (Shimadzu)
Jakarta Raya

  •     Pendidikan minimal SMA/SMK jurusan elektro
  •     Usia maksimal 35 tahun
  •     Memiliki kendaraan bermotor
  •     Penempatan cabang Jakarta


 hrd_seleksi@moderninternasional.co.id (pdf ext)

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