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Oxygen Saturation Sensor

Yeah, usually people sometimes ask to me when i work in his room ....

What is this used for and another else ..... ;p

I usually called Oxygen saturation or SpO2 Finger or Pulse Oximetry

A pulse oximetry sensor send light through patient tissue to receive on the other side of the sensor. As a figure shows, light emitting diodes transmit red and infrared light through peripheral areas of the body, such as finger.

Photodetector at Oximetry

Pulse oximetry is a noninvasive method of continuously measuring oxygen saturation (SpO2) in arterial blood. The resultant SpO2 reading indicates the percentage of hemoglobin molucelus in the arterial blood which are saturated which oxygen.

As a photodetector positioned opposite the light emitting diodes compares light absorption before and after pulsation. The amount of light getting through reflects the blood flow in the arterioles. This measurement of light absorption during pulsation is translated into an oxygen saturation percentage and SpO2 value is displayed.

For accurate SpO2 measurements, the following conditions must apply :
- The patient must have perfusion in that extremity.
- The light emitter and the photodetector must be directly opposite each other.
- All of the light from the emitter must pass through the patient’s tissue.
- The sensor site should be free of vibration and excessive motion.
- Power cables should be kept away from the sensor cable and connector

Pulse oximetry is a physical check up for people with known heart and lung problems and for athletes. This examination keeps track of the amount of oxygen in the blood, and helps the patient or athlete know in advance, when their oxygen level are about to reach critical levels.

If this happens, the following things may occur :

- When the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, it may cause hypoxia (shortage of oxygen in the brain).

- Hypoxia can lead to the loss of consciousness (fainting).

- Lack of oxygen can occur, when the patient suffers from known heart and lung illnesses.

- Lack of oxygen can occur when there is an instant surge in the oxygen intake

So, who uses oximetry not must be patient but athlete used too oximetry to control stability of his hearthlung, in other case oximetry used at patient to control their vital sign.
And oximetry are is integrated with medical unit such as patient monitor or portable with bateray, also produced with disposable unit with material from adhesive vinyl usually.

Oximetry on thumb and on toe metode

For more reference you can look direct to link here :
- www.oximetry.org
- Some related circuit

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