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Ebook - MRI in Practice

Title : MRI in Practice
Author : Catherine Westbrook , Carolyn Kaut
Publisher: Blackwell Publishing
ISBN : 0 - 632 - 04205 - 2
PDF | 305 pages | English

Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) is a rapidly expanding technology used in dagnostic radaiology. Detailed, high resolution images can be acquired in any plane with minimal discomfort to the patient. Due to its inherent safety and long-term cost effectiveness, MRI is likely to be dominant imaging modality in the future.

This new edition of "MRI in Practice" builds on the strengths of the previous edition. It continues to provide a comprehensive introduction to MRI for those who need to understand the essential concepts and integrate them into practice. This text explains in clear terms the theory that underpins magnetic resonance so that the capabilitis and operation of an MRI system can be fully appreciated.
Topics include basic principles such as image contrast, pulse sequences, safety and equipment as well as advanced techniques such as echo planar imaging.

A new chapter on advanced imaging techniques considers developing techniques including functional imaging, perfusion and diffusion.

This book is superbly illustrated with over 200 line drawings and images. Each chapter contains education aids, such as learning points and review questions to help students evaluate their understanding of the text.

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