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Introductory Guide to the Profession

We have all seen medical equipment or devices in use in hospitals, doctors' offices, research facilities, and even on television. These devices, which include such equipment as pacemakers, defibrillators, infusion pumps, x-ray equipment, clinical lab equipment, infant incubators, catheters, electrodes and thousands of others like these, belong to the exciting field of Biomedical Engineering or in Indonesia known as elektromedik engineering. In general, Biomedical Engineering is the science that deals with using engineering techniques in solving medical problems. Biomedical Engineers, Clinical Engineers, Electromedical Engineers, and Biomedical Equipment Technicians (BMETs), also referred to as Biomedical Engineering Technicians, are all part of this fascinating field. In hospital we can visit their office at IPS RS, who's engineer helps anything problem in hospital about repairing electromedical equipment and etc.

BME is the application of science, engineering, and technology to promote our understanding of basic biological processes and to solve problems in biology and medicine. Biomedical Engineering contributes to the improvement of the human health by developing innovative approaches for prevention, diagnosis, treatment of diseases and rehabilitation. Innovations in non-invasive diagnostic methods such as magnetic resonance imaging and medical devices such as motor neural prostheses to restore lost function in paraplegic subjects, cochlear implant to restore partial hearing to profoundly deaf people, electrical stimulation for bladder control in spinal cord injured subjects, neural prostheses to treat chronic ventilatory insufficiently all come from BME research.

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